Learn The 4 Types Of Yoga Classes Today

23 Mar, 2021 | Brandon Hays | No Comments

Learn The 4 Types Of Yoga Classes Today

If you are going to a few yoga classes and want to try a different style of class, then there are a lot of different choices for you. You could choose vinyasa, ashtanga, power, or hot yoga. If you’ve been doing a regular yoga class for a long time and not liked its current state, then these types of classes might suit you. As you’ll see, there are a lot of choices available to you.

A vinyasa class, as defined in Wikipedia, is “a series of eight poses which flow seamlessly together in a vinyasa style, which is often used for meditation.” The vinyasa styles are fast and often include a lot of back bending.

What this means for you is you can expect a fast flowing class with lots of movement from the class. You’ll do a lot of vinyasa flow, usually between two different types of poses. As mentioned, sometimes you’ll flow between 2 different poses, but more commonly you’ll flow a few different vinyasa styles, which will be a few poses that are similar to each other, without flowing between them. The flow between the classes will be fast, not too choppy, and very much a part of the experience. If you are not interested in a fast flowing class then you will need to look into a ashtanga class. This class is usually fast-like in flow, but you won’t move as much and the class isn’t always focused on meditation. Ashtanga classes are very similar to vi yoga and tend not to be focused on any particular pose.

A Power class is similar to an Ashtanga class in that you will move a lot, but you will also focus on more dynamic and challenging poses. The focus in this style of class will be in building strength, stability and flexibility. These classes are more intense and require higher temperatures to complete the class. The class is designed so that the class can also benefit the body through better breathing and increased circulation.

Finally we have Hot yoga, which is a style of yoga that is usually conducted in a hot studio, typically over 100 degrees. The class is focused on 3 poses/stretches/asanas that flow together. The class includes a few variations, but the 3 poses will most often be down, push up, and down poses.

These classes will provide better cardiovascular and strength development. They will also focus on the 3 poses/stretches/asanas and the class will be focused on helping the body develop. These classes are the most intense ones and you may be required to push up to hold the postures.

All types of classes are good for the body and this only proves that point. It is amazing what a simple and simple pose can do for your health. If you are looking for a great way to improve your health and fitness the classes can be found all over the place. Give one a try, you may just change your life.

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