Here’s The Answer to Your Migraine Problem

Migraines occur far more frequently in women than in men. In fact, in adult women the rate of frequency is roughly fifteen to seventeen percent, whereas in men it is only about five percent. They occur mostly in white women in America.

The reason why the case is more prevalent in women may lie in the position of the eyeballs in the female facial structure. While in men the upper part of the eyeballs is facing upwards while in women it is more at the front. Hence, the light reflected from objects falls on the forehead and makes the eyes appear bigger in women than men.

It seems as if the eyes of women are not fully opened for the reception of light. Hence, the light that enters the eyes does not reach the brain, but the eyes. Hence, the eyes make themselves bigger in order to make it visible. Some women use a lorgnette to mask the appearance of their eyes.

The remedy to this condition is lasik surgery. It helps to make the eyes of women smaller and make them appear younger. The lasik surgery has two parts- the corneal reshaping and the eye reshaping. The corneal reshaping would be for the improvement of the cornea or the white part of the eye. The eye reshaping is for the improvement of the eye size or the eyeball in men and women.

The lasik surgery would be for the correction of the vision in people with short or long sight. It is available to correct any eye condition like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. It is usually done when the corneal reshaping did not give the desired effect.

Even though lasik surgery is very pricey, it is an investment that provides you with an expected result. It may cost much for a regular lasik surgery. The less frequent the lasik surgery is, the lesser the price is. It also depends upon how the surgery is done. For instance, there are many types of lasik surgery including IntraLASIK, LASEK, PRK and Wavefront lasik surgery. The IntraLASIK is the least costly and the safest type of lasik surgery.

But lasik surgery is not for everyone. It is best to get advise from your doctor and ask him about the pros and cons before opting for the surgery. If you are not a candidate for lasik surgery then there are other alternatives that you can opt for like wearing glasses or keeping your eyeglasses as an additional eye care. But make sure that you understand the pros and cons of the surgery before opting for that.

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